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During the Autumn of 2003 members of the choir took part in a recording of Songs of Praise for the B.B.C. and this programme was transmitted during the Summer of 2004.






In 2015 Colin retired as musical director and the choir appointed Edward Taylor to this role.






Penrith has long benefited from a deep musical tradition and supports many musical organisations. In 1979 a small group of 28 singers got together under the baton of David Wells, to perform some of the more taxing choral works with full orchestral accompaniment. 

Our choir, which was founded in 1979 and has 60-plus members, is conducted by our musical director, Edward Taylor.


In 1984 Colin Marston, took over the musical direction of the choir and the numbers rose steadily to the current level of around 65 voices. Two major concerts have been performed in each year.


Performances have taken place at a number of locations in and around Penrith, although most of the recent concerts have taken place in St. Andrew's Church, where the choir rehearses.


Links with local schools, peripatetic teachers and the music colleges give the choir the support of excellent soloists and instrumentalists.


The Singers are grateful for the support of local audiences, and for the backing of local businesses.


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